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Lifetime warranty of the saddle tree

Under normal conditions of use, Prestige Italia saddles and accesories are covered by law by a 2-year warranty, while the tree and the stirrup bars come with a lifetime warranty. For all AS-X saddles, the internal mechanism is guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase.


  • The warranty does not cover the damages caused by tear and wear, accidents, improper use, or the use of unsuitable products. Moreover the warranty shall be void in case the saddle parts, including the saddle tree and the stirrup bars, are tampered or altered.
  • For safe use, we recommend that the girth straps are periodically checked and, if necessary, replaced. Prestige Italia declines any responsibility if the girth straps break or are worn out, if the replacement was previously advised by our technicians but refused by the Client.
  • Warning: new saddles and other leather goods may stain white clothes, especially during the first few uses.
  • The leathers used for our saddles are of top quality. Our leather is accurately selected by our staff. Since it doesn’t undergo any further treatments, any marks, slight differences in tonality and slight fading are proof of its high quality.
  • We recommend that you clean and frequently hydrate your saddle and accessories by using the Prestige and Renaissance products to maintain the natural characteristics of leather and prevent premature wear.
  • The tone of the leathers changes over time, due to use and maintenance.
  • It is not always possible to create replacements for repairs on used saddles in an exactly corresponding color to that of the original saddle.


At Prestige Italia S.p.A., we pay great attention to the repair of our saddles, following a strict internal process. We are proud to offer repair services for saddles from our production line, however, we have to make a few exceptions. In the case of out-of-catalogue saddles or saddles produced many years ago, we may not be able to carry out the repair if the necessary technical information is no longer available in our archives. In such situations, we may have to use spare parts that are similar but not identical to the originals. Our team of technical experts will carefully select the materials and parts that are closest to the original design from those currently available in production. However, it is important to emphasise that we cannot guarantee that the repair will not be visible. For this reason, we will contact you to discuss the feasibility of the repair, provide a detailed estimate and agree on a timeline. Please note that timescales may vary from our standard timelines, but we will work with you to ensure we get your full agreement before proceeding.

Thank you for choosing a Prestige Italia saddle.


Please take a few minutes to fill out all parts of the enrollment form here below to register your purchase.

Please enter the serial number stamped on the saddle flap, and be careful that you are properly entering the requested information. Once you have completed the enrollment form, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.

All Prestige and Renaissance saddles should be cared for and maintained with high-quality products, which is why we offer a free Leather Care Kit to all customers who register them with us.

Your saddle retailer is going to contact you when your Leather Care Kit arrives after you have registered your saddle.



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