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The governance model adopted by Prestige Italia seeks to ensure transparent and responsible corporate activities, contributing significantly to medium- and long-term value creation.



The Board of Directors is empowered to define strategic guidelines, therefore it plays an essential role in corporate governance. In addition to the powers granted by the law and the Articles of Association, the Board has exclusive authority over the most significant economic/strategic decisions and management decisions, such as those that are functional to the monitoring and guidance of the company.

Sandra Stocchetti

President and founder of Prestige Italia in 1974. Her passion and foresight are still guiding still lead the company with the entrepreneurial dynamism that characterises her and which has guided the company towards technological innovation and responding to an ever-changing market.

Andrea Rasia

Managing Director of Prestige Italia, 2nd generation of the Stocchetti Rasia family, has always been involved in the company with particular attention to the industrialisation and mechanisation of production processes.

Andrea Gottardo

A graduate in Economics and Commerce, financial consultant and managing director of Prestige Italia SPA since November 2017.

Gianni dal Pozzo

Managing Director of Considi, President of the Innovative and Technological Services section of Confindustria Vicenza, Vice President of the National Committee for the Regional Coordination of Innovative and Technological Services of Confindustria and independent consultant of Cereal Docks SPA and Energreen SPA.

Francesco Ioverno

Chartered accountant, auditor, professional specialising in assets, planning and extraordinary operations, author for Giuffrè Editore and founding partner of Sintesi Studio Associato.



The Board of Statutory Auditors is the supervisory body: it oversees compliance with the law and the Articles of Association and exercises accounting control over the company. It consists of five members, three of which are employees:

Gianni Milanello

Chartered accountant and statutory auditor

Since the early nineties, he has held numerous temporary management roles, such as managing director in a variety of companies. He has held the role of bankruptcy administrator, liquidator of companies and has been an auditor in limited companies. An expert in the implementation of ERP business information systems, he has experience in lean manufacturing and lean management.

Bruno Fin

Chartered accountant and statutory auditor

Cofip professional associate, for over 30 years he has assisted in the development of leading companies operating in the Alto Vicentino region.
Primarily concerned with finance, statutory auditing, including in local authorities, and extraordinary operations.
For more than 20 years, he has held the role of auditor in one of the North-East’s main co-operative credit banks.

Stefano Dal Lago

Chartered accountant and statutory auditor

Mainly operating in the field of corporate auditing, serving as a statutory auditor, a member of supervisory bodies and a member of boards of statutory auditors. He is a partner in an auditing company that operates in the Veneto area for companies and corporate groups, including multinational companies. He also handles extraordinary operations, usually in the role of expert, including insolvency proceedings.