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To ensure the wellbeing of horses and riders as the fundamental basis for performance and passion while in the saddle.

Memorable experiences and performances are the result of the horse-rider pairing. We make products that ensure comfort for both of the subjects, who make riding not just a sport but a way of life.

It is only thanks to our People that Prestige Italia stands out for innovation, creativity, product excellence, and economic results. Indeed, our employees contribute to the company’s success by sharing their experiences,  values, imagination and uniqueness, making Prestige Italia a benchmark in the equestrian world.

To produce the best hand-crafted products for riding by combining design, manufacturing and aesthetic innovation.

The search for excellence drives our actions: in every activity, the search for quality and value is what sets Prestige Italia apart.

Prestige Italia incorporates an inseparable combination into its name, the heart and the Italian know-how. The work of our employees has been internationally esteemed since the company’s foundation, which for 50 years has stood out around the world for its attention to its community.

Prestige Italia has undertaken a necessary and mandatory virtuous and sustainable path that translates into transparency and correctness in our activities and, especially, in the creation of value for those with who we work.