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detail is the result of a complex thought, a proof of ingenuity that
reinterprets an ancient object for the contemporary, while respecting
the Italian manufacturing tradition.

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Even in the design of accessories, our focus is always on the welfare of the horse.

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Every day, the best riders in the world use our saddles, to achieve excellent sports performance, in full respect of their comfort and the well-being of their horse.

Henrik von Eckermann
Henrik Von Eckermann is a top-level Swedish show jumping rider. During his 12 years working with Ludger Beerbaum, Henrik obtained great results with various horses. Today he is a trusted member of the Swedish team, with which he has participated in countless competitions. Since 2011 he has competed in the…
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Ludger Beerbaum
German rider, Lunger Beerbaum, certainly needs no introduction with show jumping titles, four Olympic gold medals, World and European medals and national awards to his name. Right from the outset, it was possible to foresee the champion he was destined to become. He started by winning the German under-21 championship…
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Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Meredith Michaels Beerbaum started to ride and compete as a little girl. She racked up awards and ribbons in young rider categories, both in hunter competitions and in international show jumping. In 1991, on summer break from studying political science at Princeton University, Meredith…
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Michel Robert
Michel Robert rode his first rode a horse when he was 5. Since then, he has devoted his life to performance-centric horse riding that respects and is in harmony with the horse. The French champion won many awards in major international competitions, from European and World Championships to the Olympic…
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Helen Langehanenberg
Helen Langehanenberg is a German dressage rider and one of the most popular female champions across all levels. She made her debut at the London Olympic Games in 2012, finishing fourth in the individual event with Damon Hill and winning the silver medal in the team event. Helen went on…
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Giulia Martinengo Marquet
Giulia Martinengo Marquet is a professional horsewoman riding first class horses in the most important national and international competitions. She normally wears Italian colors and competes wearing the Air Force uniform since 2004. The one thing that satisfies her most, and in which she puts infinite passion, is raise horses…
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Renaissance is the contemporary interpretation of the synthesis of two great experiences, that of Prestige Italia and the saddler tradition. An elite product for demanding riders and amazons, with a refined taste in shapes and materials and an Italian manufacturing.

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