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We source our premium leathers from renowned tanneries in Veneto and Tuscany, world-famous for their artisanal craftsmanship and the use of cutting-edge technologies while respecting tradition and the environment.

Our types of leather

The choice and types of leather described only refer to the ones used in flaps and skirts, while the seat and roll knee are made of calf or bovine leather depending on the model. The available types vary depending on the selected model. Not all leather options are suitable for the entire range of products.

La peculiarità dell’Elite è il suo colore London, disponibile solo per questa categoria di pellame. Nel range dell’alta gamma offriamo due tipologie di prodotti Élite: cuoio stampato e doppiata in pelle di vitello. Il cuoio stampato Elite è un prodotto naturale sottoposto a un processo di concia vegetale in vasca, il quale richiede una lavorazione più lunga rispetto ad altri metodi. Questo processo garantisce una qualità superiore, un migliore fissaggio del colore e una buona resistenza all’invecchiamento durante l’uso normale. Pertanto, il cuoio stampato Elite è la scelta ideale per coloro che cercano un prodotto durevole e resistente. Questa variante è disponibile solo per selle da Salto Ostacoli, con uno spessore che varia da 4.0 a 4.5 mm per i quartieri e i quartierini. La pelle doppiata di vitello Elite, invece, viene sottoposta a un processo di oleatura per garantire la massima morbidezza. Questa tipologia di pelle offre un grip ottimale, donando una sensazione confortevole e di aderenza. La variante in pelle doppiata è disponibile per selle da Salto Ostacoli, Dressage e Cross Country.
Lux is a lined leather that undergoes vegetable tanning processes and is crafted according to the highest standards, following the tradition of Prestige’s production process to achieve the typical grip of calfskin leather. Lux leather can be either smooth or printed for the high-end Show Jumping, Cross-Country, and Leisure Time saddles, or only smooth for Dressage saddles. Lux leather stands out for its good grip and extreme durability. The thickness of the lined flaps and skirts with this material is approximately 5 mm. The available colors for Lux lined leather are: black, tobacco.
Stampato Super
The Super is a soft and durable printed leather that provides excellent grip. Subjected to vegetable tanning in drums, this leather undergoes a longer processing time compared to other techniques, ensuring a high-quality product and good aging over time. The thickness of the flaps and skirts in this material is approximately 4 mm. Super leather is available exclusively for high-end show jumping saddles.
Calfskin leather
The naturalness of calfskin leather provides extreme softness and good aging of the product. Treated with an oiling process, it ensures optimal grip. It is distinguished from bovine leather by its fine and elegant grain. The thickness of the lined flaps and skirts is approximately 4 mm. Calfskin leather is available only for high-end products.
Bovine leather
The “Bovine” is a natural leather, treated with an oiling process to ensure a good grip, softness, and comfort.The thickness of the lined flaps and skirts is approximately 4 mm.
Leather is a natural product treated with vegetable tanning processes. Elite leather can be either smooth or printed. The thickness of the flaps and skirts is approximately 4 mm.

Tree on blend of synthetic fibers for a lightweight and durable tree.

In the 1970s, we made the decision to switch to composite fiber frames, a move that went against the grain of our competitors who were still using wood. This choice proved to be a winning one, allowing us to produce saddles that were lighter but just as durable. What once seemed like a risky gamble has become one of the secrets to our success.