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A history of innovation and excellence.

We were born in 1974, as a small local company in the upper Vicenza area. After 50 years, we can look back with pride and look to the future with great goals and development projects.

In the heart of the Upper Vicenza region, in Quargnenta, the Rasia-Stocchetti family, driven by a great passion for horse riding, founded Appaloosa, a small company with a visionary approach.


After several years, the creation of the first saddle marked a turning point in the world of horse riding.


Appaloosa changes name and becomes Prestige Italia, an evolution that marks a high positioning and emphasizes market leadership.


Prestige Italia expands into America, establishing La Selleria Italiana Inc. in New York, with a warehouse in Clinton, New Jersey.




The new headquarters of Trissino is inaugurated. From a small workshop to an industrial reality of 7.900 square meters, dedicated to offices and production.


The Prestige Italia Ambassador Team is established, featuring the most prominent riders in the contemporary equestrian scene.


The X-Breath technology is introduced, an innovation applied to the saddle tree, ensuring improved breathability and minimizing overheating effects during saddle use. The rear opening makes the seat more comfortable by absorbing the impact on the rider’s back.




Another innovation is added to Prestige’s range: X-Technology, which, thanks to its two membranes applied to the tree, ensures comfort and stability in the saddle. “La Selleria Italiana” changes its name and becomes Prestige Italia USA.


In 2017, the Renaissance brand was introduced, kicking off the corporate path of Prestige Italia together with its two brands, Prestige and Renaissance.


Prestige Italia’s innovative approach continues with the introduction of the new CPS (Coccyx Protection System) technology. The application of three membranes to the tree expands the concept of well-being in the saddle.


The new American headquarters is inaugurated in Wellington, Florida, renowned as the Equestrian Capital of the World.


Prestige Italia invests in the future of the new generations of riders with the introduction of the Prestige Youth Cup. In the same year, the Prestige Academy is introduced, dedicated to the training of qualified saddle fitters.


The Prestige brand takes on a personality distinct from that of the Prestige Italia group, with a new logo and image symbolising its values and vision. In the same year, the company expanded and the new factory dedicated to the accessories department was built.


Prestige Italia celebrates its 50 years of activity, introducing the exclusive AS-X technology to the market, an innovation set to change the saddle market.

In March 2024, the company received the ISO 14067:2018 certification for the carbon footprint calculation of the Renaissance saddles and a representative sample of the Prestige saddles. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a virtuous and sustainable path for our brand. Measuring and reducing our carbon footprint is a concrete commitment to environmental sustainability, contributing to improved energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of our production.