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Peder Fredricson

Peder Fredricson is a top Swedish equestrian.

He’s one of the few horseback riders to have competed in the Olympic Games and in the World Championships in both show jumping and eventing. He competed in his first Olympics at the young age of 20, and since then he’s ridden in many championships, earning plenty of medals.

Born into a ‘horse family’, Peder is famous for being able to ride different breeds. His father, Ingvar, is a veterinarian and the former manager of Flyinge, and his brother, Jens, is part of the Swedish equestrian team. Peder and his wife, Lisen, share a passion for horses. Together they own and manage Grevlunda, a jumping stable in Österlen, Sweden.

Among Peder’s notable victories, in chronological order, are: team gold and individual silver at the Tokyo Olympics.

He has also been given important accolades, having been awarded the Medal of Honour in Sweden in 2019.

As if that weren’t enough, when he isn’t riding, Peder is a fine graphic illustrator who creates paintings, logos and graphic profiles.

Peder describes his passion for horses in his autobiography, Six Feet Above: Jumping to the Top, which was published in 2022.



Peder is a Renaissance ambassador, and his saddle is the Renaissance F2S. Here’s how he describes the first time he encountered the brand:


“I was trying out a horse that had a Renaissance saddle, and I felt my position improve a lot. I asked to try one on my horses for a few weeks, and I really liked it. Since, then, we only ride with Renaissance saddles at our stable.

The horses move really well and their back muscles develop well too. The saddle weighs less than a traditional jumping saddle, and that’s really important to me.’

Saddle chosen by the ambassador

Renaissance F2 S