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Michel Robert

Michel Robert rode his first rode a horse when he was 5. Since then, he has devoted his life to performance-centric horse riding that respects and is in harmony with the horse.

The French champion won many awards in major international competitions, from European and World Championships to the Olympic Games. He acts as mentor and trainer for a number of international riders. We had the honour of accompanying him on a visit to our headquarters, where he had the opportunity to see how his signature saddle is crafted.


“The saddle I designed with Prestige Italia is recommended for all disciplines, but mostly for high level Show Jumping. This product immediately accommodates the rider in the correct position. And with correct position I mean the vertical position: head, shoulders, pelvis and feet have to be aligned.

The X-Michel Robert saddle stands out for its design and unique features. The anatomical structure of the seat offers more comfort both when working flat and during jumps. The twist is tight, very close to the horse, allowing the rider to follow the horse’s movements.”

Saddle chosen by the ambassador