Giulia Martinengo Marquet

Giulia Martinengo Marquet is a professional horsewoman riding first class horses in the most important national and international competitions.

She normally wears Italian colors and competes wearing the Air Force uniform since 2004. The one thing that satisfies her most, and in which she puts infinite passion, is raise horses since they are young, fully developing abilities and special traits.

In 2018 she won her second gold medal at the Italian Absolute Championships.


“I chose X-Michel Robert saddle, as it allows me to stay close to my horse. I can feel right, with an excellent center of gravity and twist even when landing.

The anatomical structure of the seat offers more comfort both when working flat and during jumps. The twist is tight, very close to the horse, allowing the rider to follow the horse’s movements. Prestige Italia means quality, attention to the horse’s well-being, Italian elegance. The company offers also an excellent customer service.”


Saddle chosen by the ambassador