Leather care

We only use premium quality leather, that needs a constant care to maintain its natural characteristics. Maintenance can be affected by the climate conditions, the season and the place where the saddle and the accessories are stored. To maintain the leather softness and to prevent colour fading, after every use clean the saddle and the accessories by using the Renaissance Leather Cleaner. Our cleaner helps to neutralise the corrosive effect of the horse’s sweat. These are simple, but essential measures to create a natural protective barrier against use, perspiration and atmospheric agents. A complete line of Renaissance maintenance products has been introduced to preserve the natural characteristics of the leather and avoid early wear. The line includes Cleaner, Balsam and Oil: natural detergent, balsam and oil that regenerate the colours and keep the saddle elastic and soft. Apply the Renaissance balsam or oil evenly on the entire surface at least once a month, with circular movements, and let the leather absorb it.

First use of accessories

Before you use the Renaissance accessories, remember to apply the Prestige oil or the Prestige balsam evenly on their entire surface, to obtain the softness required. Distribute the balsam/oil, making sure that no residual product remains, and leave it on there for 24h, to allow it to completely absorb into the leather. Our accessories are delivered without being previously oiled.

Our suggestion

In order to preserve the leather from premature ageing, keep in mind these suggestions:


  • Storage: Store the saddle in a dry place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. This will help prevent premature aging of the leather.
  • Summer care: During the summer season, increase the use of balm and oil to moisturize the leather, as the sun and high temperatures can dehydrate it.
  • Winter care: In winter, make sure to store the saddles and tack in a dry environment to avoid mold growth.
  • Drying: If the saddle leather comes into contact with water, dry it thoroughly and clean it with Prestige Leather Balsam. Afterwards, store it in a dry place.
  • Moderate use of oil and balm: Avoid excessive application of oil or balm on the fittings to prevent damage or breakage.
  • Use of stirrup leathers: Use Prestige non stretch leather stirrup leathers to prevent premature wear of the flaps.
  • Cleaning: Avoid using products containing solvents or glycerin-based soaps to clean the saddle, as they can damage its appearance and integrity.
  • Avoid overlapping: Avoid overlapping your saddle with other saddles, as excessive pressure could damage the panels flocking.
  • Attention to the tack: Avoid placing dirty tack directly on the saddle, as direct dirt contact can prematurely dry out the leather.
  • Avoid rubbing: Do not rub the reins against the front piping of the saddle to prevent premature deterioration of the components.



Renaissance Leather Balsam, with its natural components, hydrates, provides protection from water and revitalizes the leather color. Moreover, this product gives greater grip and neutralizes the harmful action of perspiration due to the use of saddles and tack, leaving a pleasant scent.

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The Prestige Leather Cleaner is studied to clean all types of leathers, except the nubuck leather. It is water-based, and gently, but thoroughly cleans, without damaging the softness and elasticity of the leather. It is effective in removing general dirt and reviving colors.

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High penetration oil that provides ideal softness and grip to leather to make the saddle comfortable and safe. It also facilitates a correct ageing process.

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Set dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of the leather on your saddle. The box contains the Renaissance Leather Cleaner, Balsam and Oil. Three sponges for applying the products are included.

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