A supreme combination of technological innovation and craftsmanship.

Our saddles have an innovative core and a hand-crafted soul.

The materials that we use to make them, all have the same characteristics: they combine tradition with modern technologies.


A blend of synthetic fibres, for lightweight and resistance.


When in the 70s we decided to abandon wooden trees to realize a composite fibre tree, many thought that our preference for plastic material was ill-advised. However it was a winning strategy: we produced lighter, but very resistant saddles, and what was first perceived as a long shot became one of the secrets of our success.


The best traditional leather, for enhanced softness.


There are many types of leather and we source ours in the renowned tannery districts located in the regions of Veneto and Tuscany, which are famous worldwide. They are all trusted companies, which tan leather in accordance with the besttechnologies and traditions. Lux and Super leather for high-end saddles are produced exclusively using natural tanning processes in compliance with the highest standards to reach the typical softness of calfskin. We made the decision to use water-based colours and glues for our leather, where possible. This was a conscious decision that is in line with our social and environmental principles.


The Elite product can be of two types: calfskin and printed leather. For both the natural tanning is used, a very long technique for a better fixing of the colors and a good aging of the product during normal use.


Is a leather used to double flaps and skirts. The material is subjected to natural tanning processes and worked in accordance with the highest standards in the tradition of Prestige production. It can be smooth or printed and it is characterised by the typical softness of calfskin but with the resistance of leather. It is about 5.2 mm thick.


Printed leather of French origin and ultra-soft vegetable tanning and resistant for excellent grip. It is about 4.5 mm thick.


Leather used to double skirts and flaps obtained from vegetable tanning with a double oiling process for maximum grip, softness and comfort. It is about 4.3 mm thick.