At the heart of it all are horse and rider

We believe that the well-being of the horse and rider are one and the same. Complicity between the horse and the rider is essential in riding: the horse and the rider can only create an understanding if they are able to listen to each other.


This is why each of our saddles is designed to ensure maximum comfort, respecting the morphology of both, because every horse is different, just as men and women. Well-being is not just an abstract concept that guides our work, it is something real, which is experienced by those who choose us: like a light tree that can be adapted to different horse types. New geometries, new materials and technical solutions are being developed to maximize comfort and performance for horse and rider.


Continuous research tends not just to enhance the technical gifts of each combination, but to protect it over time.

Experience helps us look to the future.

We come from a region where the tradition of tanning and leather craftsmanship has ancient roots. The earliest tanning in the Chiampo Valley in the province of Vicenza, nowadays the most significant district in Italy and one of the largest in the world, dates back to the fourteenth century.

The value of this tradition and, more generally, its ‘Made in Italy’ heritage is our backbone.

One look at a Prestige saddle is enough to understand the care we put into the workmanship and to appreciate the quality, which makes us proud to represent our country in Europe and around the world, and which is the best guarantee for our customers.

High-level technology

We were the first to build a synthetic fiber tree, the first to experiment with new leathers, the first to attempt different shades and colored details. Innovation is in our DNA and continues to be the hallmark of our saddles, which conceal advanced materials and technologies.


Like the technology that allows for greater breathability and minimizes the overheating effects of the saddle on both horse and rider; or the one that shock-absorbs stresses and movements protecting the ischium, coccyx and back; or that one which offers a feeling of greater closeness to the horse thanks to the membranes that accommodate the ischial bones when the rider sits in the saddle. Innovation at the service of the well-being of both the animal and the person.

Saddles with a sartorial touch

From the start, we have combined ‘made in Italy’ know-how and innovation, creating a contemporary saddle, a masterpiece of manufacturing and technology. The propensity to excellence guides the hand of our artisans throughout the entire production process:
from the selection of the leather to the cutting, from the packaging to the hand stitching.


Each piece is thoroughly examined and worked with equal meticulousness. This is the only way to create special saddles, pleasant to the touch and marvelous to the eye, where every detail is the result of a complex thought, a proof of ingenuity that reinterprets an ancient object for the contemporary, while respecting the Italian manufacturing tradition.

The best performance is well-being

The saddle brings together the professional and the amateur, as well as the riders in any equestrian discipline. For this reason, saddle design must consider every aspect, but always and especially the well-being of the horse and the rider, because top performance only comes from it.


Comfortable, lightweight saddles that ensure the closest contact between horse and rider, enabling each to express their movements to the full: all our saddles consider the needs of the horse and the rider, because high performance is well-being, respecting the morphology and the needs of both performers.