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Prestige Italia has been synonymous with innovation since the beginning of its history, when the company developed a brand-new tree in a synthetic fiber.


WHAT IS IT? It is the technology applied to the tree consisting of an oval hole positioned in the center of the tree’s rear section, covered in elastic and breathable honeycomb fabric. In the X-Breath K, there is an additional hole in the front part of the tree.


BENEFITS The holes ensure greater breathability and minimize the overheating effects exerted by the saddle on both horse and rider. The rear hole makes the seat more comfortable by relieving the spinal column of the pressures it is usually subjected to. Additionally, saddles with X-Breath technology are lighter.



  • For those who like a breathable and comfortable seat;
  • For those riders who want a physical benefit, reducing the stress on the spine and coccyx;
  • For those who are looking for a lighter saddle;
  • For those who have a downhill feeling on a horse or thoroughbreds.

WHAT IS IT? The CPS or “COCCYX PROTECTION SYSTEM” is a new technology applied to the tree consisting of three membranes injected into its back section. Two on the sides in the area where the rider’s ischial bones are resting, one softer in the center where the seating position generates more load on the spine.


BENEFITS These membranes shock absorb all stresses and movements while protecting the rider’s ischial bones, coccyx and back. They have been created considering both men’s and women’s anatomy.



  • For those seeking a more elastic and softer seat: the central grey membrane creates a shock-absorbing feeling for the rider’s spine and the horse;
  • For those who want a physical benefit: the softness of the central membrane guarantees a reduction of pressure on the coccyx and the spine of the rider;
  • For those riders who are looking for a comfortable seat. The tree featuring this technology is particularly thought for women riders thanks to the wider back part;
  • For riders who have a downhill feeling on the horse and struggle to find a balanced position;
  • For the dressage riders who, having a downhill horse, struggle to find a deep seat feeling;
  • For the jumpers who want to recover their balance faster after the jump.

WHAT IS IT? It is a technology applied to the tree consisting of two membranes positioned in the rear part of the tree, where the rider’s ischial bones rest.


BENEFITS The membranes help increasing the comfort and stability of the rider. In the female rider’s case, the sense of comfort and stability is even more evident on the trees that provide a wider seat in the back, such as those developed for the X-D2, X-Perience and X-Contact K models (Unisex-effect).



  • For those looking for a feeling of greater closeness to the horse: guaranteed by the membranes that accomodate the ischial bones when the rider sits in the saddle;
  • For those looking for a more comfortable seat while maintaining equally excellent sporting performance;
  • For those riders who want greater stability in the saddle. X-D2, X-Perience and X-Contact K, thanks to the “Unisex-effect”, can give a sensation of stability in the saddle to women who, having a wider pelvis, often struggle to achieve a tight bond with the saddle.

WHAT IS IT? LPF or “LIGHT PERFRORMANCE FIT” panels consist of a shell made in 3D fabric/Airnet and a foam sheet, the flocking is made of Dacron, a synthetic fiber.


BENEFITS This type of panel is light, elastic and simply adjustable, furthermore it adapts easily to the morphology of the modern horse.
This panel combines the reduced thickness and close-contact sensation typical of latex panels with the shock-absorbing and highly adaptable properties of a flocked panel.



For those riders who do not want to give up a close-contact feeling, but think that a saddle that fits optimally is an essential condition for the horse’s well-being and performance.


WHAT IS IT? The RP or “Relax and Performance” is an innovative technology applied to Prestige girths. It consists of a round panel connected by a mobile joint to a special girth. The panel is characterised by a round contour made of soft material that creates an air cushion between the horse’s sternum and the girth.


BENEFITS It allows the girth to follow all the horse’s movements, eliminating any friction between the girth and belly of the horse; the pressure is distributed evenly over a larger surface area; the particular shape of the panel creates an air cushion that eliminates pressure on the solar plexus.



For those sensitive horses that are bothered by the use of a traditional girth and therefore find it difficult to work relaxed and supple; for those horses that show discomfort while pulling the girth; for horses that have the position of the girth far behind.