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A people focused company.

Working with us means growing within a motivated and cohesive team in an environment that encourages imagination and values professional development as much as personal. People who work at Prestige Italia share their experiences, values, imagination and passion aimed at making the company an influential player in the equestrian world. It is because of our staff that Prestige Italia stands out for its innovation, creativity, product excellence and economic results.

We promote a healthy work-life balance for the well-being of our employees.


We love what we do, and we care about the people who work with us. Prestige Italia is born and grows thinking about those who love riding, from collaborators to customers, professionals and amateur enthusiasts. Individual and team performance go hand in hand with a quality working life and a commitment to professional development. This is why, every day, we strive to make the company an interesting and stimulating environment.



We are a high-end sports brand with a wealth of experience in the sector. The expert hands of our craftsmen and the result of our research and development allow us to guarantee the wellbeing of both the horse and the rider to our clients.

We offer a technical and personal growth training process in line with the skills required for your role.

Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

Our saddles are entirely manufactured in Italy, inspired by Italian culture with an international outlook. We use the highest quality materials because we know that they will become a part of the life of their future owners and whose quality is an essential condition for making the difference in sports performance.

Innovation and the search for excellence

We are looking to the future and want to push forward. Our People add value to innovations with their resourcefulness and intuition in order to successfully compete in markets around the world.

We believe that innovation and excellence stem from the combination of different skills, experiences, and ways of thinking.

Enterpreneurship and creativity

We find opportunity where others do not see it, we believe in the intuition of people and in their experience. We are recognised as a leader and as people who know our business, with a constantly creative approach, consistently driven by responsibility and transparency.