Fine leathers for an elegant, iconic design.

The leathers used for Renaissance saddles are recognized for their elegance and refinement. Subjected to a rigorous selection process aimed at ensuring maximum comfort for both the horse and the rider, Renaissance leathers are carefully chosen from the finest tanneries that utilize the most advanced technologies,maintain a strong connection to traditions while always keeping an eye on the future of the planet. The choice and types of leather described refer only to the ones used in the flaps and skirts, while the seat and roll knee are made of calfskin.


Printed leather
Renaissance printed leather is a natural product subjected to a vegetable tanning process in drums, which requires a longer processing time compared to other methods. This process ensures superior quality, better color fastness, and good resistance to aging during normal use. Therefore, printed leather is an excellent choice for those seeking a durable and resistant product. The available colors for printed leather are: Black, London. Printed leather is available only for Show Jumping saddles.
Calfskin leather
Renaissance calfskin leather is a natural product subjected to an oiling process to achieve maximum softness. This type of leather offers optimal grip, providing a comfortable and secure feeling. The available colors for calfskin leather are: Black, Tobacco, London. It is available for all Show Jumping, Dressage, and Cross-Country saddles.

We choose natural, high-quality materials for unique and distinctive saddles.

The types of Renaissance panels.

The panels come in two types: in latex or flocked. The Renaissance panels in latex have a polyurethane flocking that prevents compacting and does not require modifications over time. A more recent version are the “Renaissance Sublime” panels in latex. They have a wider surface than other panels on the market, they are able to offer an excellent fit and an even weight distribution on the horse’s back. The Renaissance flocked panels combine the Dacron fibre flocking with a covering made up of a honeycomb elastic membrane and a layer of soft rubber. These are hand filled by our craftsmen. They are versatile panels because new flocking can be provided when needed.

Our flaps.

The flaps are a very important part of the saddle. They are designed with attention to the rider’s build and the discipline the rider has chosen to practice. Depending on the request, the flaps can be longer or shorter and more or less projected.