Distinctive saddles.

A Renaissance saddle is essential and elegant, a product the embodies the French Tradition known for the minimal and refined design. Only the best materials are selected to guarantee the highest qualitative standards and to satisfy the most demanding riders. The final product is a unique saddle with a great look and amazing to the touch.

The journey of a Renaissance saddle.

It all begins with a meticulous selection of the leather, which must comply with our technical and production requirements, directly at the premises of the best suppliers. We also carry out inspections on our premises following the delivery: each piece is carefully checked to make sure there are no defects.

Only when the materials have passed all of these quality checks, we can begin cutting. After cutting the leather, we check each piece once again to make absolutely sure that there are no imperfections, except for any small details related to the naturalness of the produc. If the material passes this additional test, it is finally available for processing.

We use the same care during the packaging, which is specifically designed and tailor-made. The last steps are handmade by expert craftsmen and include: the creation of the seathand-pulled in accordance to the saddlery tradition, the panels assembling and they are sewn using an awl and a special needle. Finally, each saddle is oiled, giving the leather the softness and the color that make each Renaissance saddle unmistakeable.