Bhoof by Renaissance saddles: design and performance in perfect harmony

The result of a collaboration between Renaissance and Swedish champion Peder Fredricson and his brand Bhoof. Bhoof by Renaissance saddles are the result of a constant search for improvement. Two saddles have been created in which design and performance are harmoniously combined to create a product that stands out for its high performance.

Inspired by Peder Fredricson’s experience and ambition, Bhoof by Renaissance saddles meet the high craftsmanship of Renaissance, with the shared goal of achieving excellence in performance.
Every detail is studied to guarantee comfort and an excellent fit for the horse, also thanks to the Sublime panels, and the best riding position for the rider, thanks to the design of the seat and the front blocks, also available in a Velcro version. The technical aspects and lightness are combined in these high-performance saddles, thanks to the holes and the careful design of the flaps. The saddles are made only with the best leathers, such as calfskin and printed leather with long vegetable tanning in a vat. A responsible process that gives quality and resistance to the product.

“This is a saddle with Sublime panels that makes it comfortable for the horse and easy on the back. The blocks can be attached by Velcro, so that you can move around to get the support you need, helping the leg to stay still while jumping. Furthermore, the thinner and new designed flaps reduce the weight.”


Peder Fredricson

Enter the world of Bhoof with Bhoof by Renaissance show jumping saddles. Inspired by improvement, made by Renaissance with Peder Fredricson to achieve the best performance!