Flaps and Panels

Our flaps

The flaps are a very important part of the saddle. They are designed with attention to the rider’s build and the discipline the rider has chosen to practice. Depending on the request, the flaps can be longer or shorter and more or less projected.



Our panels

The panels come in two types: in latex or flocked.


The Renaissance panels in latex have a polyurethane flocking that prevents compacting and does not require modifications over time. A more recent version are the “Renaissance Sublime” panels in latex. They have a wider surface than other panels on the market, they are able to offer an excellent fit and an even weight distribution on the horse’s back.


The Renaissance flocked panels combine the Dacron fibre flocking with a covering made up of a honeycomb elastic membrane and a layer of soft rubber. These are hand filled by our craftsmen. They are versatile panels because new flocking can be provided when needed.