Two types of panel, for a unique comfort.

Unique comfort for every specific need

Each rider has specific requirements, which is why we have developed two types of panel for a unique comfort and to satisfy all preferences.


The solution for riders looking for a soft and adaptable saddle: the panel is carefully hand-filled by our artisans with Dacron fibre. This allows to produce two models of panels, either Classic or X-Technology, that provide freedom of movement for the horse and prevent the rider from weighing on the back of the animal. Classic flocked panels are lined with felt and then filled with synthetic Dacron fibre flocking, a resistant and highly adaptable material. The X-Technology panels are lined with a combination of synthetic and elastic honeycomb membrane cover and a layer of soft rubber then filled with the same Dacron fibre used in our traditional panels. The Riders therefore have all the advantages of the classic panels, but with a more comfortable and lighter product.


The solution for those looking for a comfortable and highperformance saddle that requires minimum maintenance. The polyurethane used to fill the panel is a material that does not compress and does not deteriorate over time: it is a product comes from the motorcycling industry, specifically designed to stay unaltered over time.


Each rider can personalise their panel according to their specific requirements. For both latex and flocked panels the Shoulder Free option is available, with reduced front thickness to enable greater freedom of movement for the horse’s shoulder and trapezius muscle. The following thickness options are also available for flocked panels: ½ flocking, standard flocking, +1 cm and +2 cm for the rear part. For the LATEX are available: ½ flocking, standard and +1.5 cm in rear part.