An élite product for the most demanding riders
Renaissance was born in 2017, joining the historic Prestige brand, is the brand with which the company addresses the French philosophy markets.


With the mission of ensuring a unique experience for the most demanding riders, the French-style brand offers high-performance, exceptional-quality products for expert athletes. The superior-quality materials used and traditional saddle-making savoir-faire contribute to the desirability of the brand and help create perceived excellence among consumers.


At first the brand was aimed exclusively at show jumping, cross- country and hunter horse riding, but its portfolio was amplified in 2021 with a saddle and tack designed for dressage, with an innovative concept compared to the traditional options available in the market.


Today, despite being a relative newcomer, the world’s leading horseback riders are choosing Renaissance to achieve the performance and international success they dream of.

"Ensure a unique experience for the most demanding riders"

Simplicity, close contact and perfect balance define the Renaissance philosophy. Renaissance is a contemporary interpretation combining the invaluable experience of Prestige Italia with that of the most ancient saddlery tradition.